Users API Overview

ClearSlide APIs

What is the ClearSlide Users API?

The Users API allows you to retrieve a list of users existing within the team whose authorization token is provided.



When you complete Prerequisites in ClearSlide APIs section, you will have an Authorization Token to test against our API.

How to generate complete Users API request code?

You can generate a complete functional request code snippet for the tech stack of your choice.

You can interactively add Headers and Query parameters (including filters and sorting) into the form. The documentation tool updates API request code accordingly.

Developers can copy and paste the auto-generated API request code into your project.

How do I test the Users API request code?

Here are a few options:

  • Try it out allows you to trigger a request and view JSON results immediately
  • Copy the request code snippet into your project. Trigger the request and parse the response to view the results in a JSON format

Sample Request Code

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer a61766c5-3e55-42f8-ae97-9239105f5391'

Sample JSON Response

  "included": [],
  "meta": {
    "totalPages": 1,
    "totalCount": 1
  "data": [
      "relationships": {},
      "attributes": {
        "first_name": "1500016131LnXw",
        "last_name": "automation",
        "created": "2017-07-14T00:08:51Z",
        "userStatus": "ENABLED",
        "teamId": 1342683,
        "activation_date": "2017-07-14T00:08:51Z",
        "accountType": "ADMIN",
        "user_group": {
          "primary": {
            "groupName": "Group1",
            "id": 10805228
          "secondary": [
              "groupName": "Group2",
              "id": 10805228
        "email": "[email protected]"
      "type": "users",
      "id": "E36J6TFX7HF2GPJNSDT8",
      "links": {
        "self": "/users/E36J6TFX7HF2GPJNSDT8"