Definitions of common terms used with the ClearSlide API.

Bookmarked Presentation

Users are able to start or bookmark content within ClearSlide. This allows users to easily find and navigate content they use on a regular basis.

Client ID

clientID represents you, the developer/partner using the ClearSlide API. Each clientID is unique and should not be shared with other companies.

Company CRM ID

crmID represents an object in the partner app such as account, opportunity, contact or lead.

Company/Customer Name

Company or Customer name is the object in the user's CRM a ClearSlide meeting, email or link are mapped to.

Compose Email

You can mail merge or send a 1:1 email using compose email with ClearSlide. You can attach a piece of content and ClearSlide will create a unique link inside the email. When that link is clicked, we will notify the sender and let them know what and for how long a piece of content is viewed.

Content Tags

Content tags allow you to organize content within ClearSlide. When searching or filtering content, use content tags to narrow down similar types of content. A single piece of content can have multiple content tags.

CRM Type

Select what type of object in a CRM you want to save to. For example, Case, Campaign, Account, Opportunity, Lead. Default in ClearSlide is Case.

Download Option

In Compose Email or Create Link, the download option allows user to download the original content of the link. You can either turn this feature on or off and can decide at what point a viewer can see this feature: from the beginning, throughout the presentation, or at the end of the presentation.

Embeddable Button

With embeddable buttons, you can add ClearSlide functionality into your app/website within minutes. You can embed Launch ClearSlide Meeting, Compose ClearSlide Email, and Create ClearSlide Link buttons into your app/website.

Once they are integrated, you can pass such information to ClearSlide as companyName, CRMid, presentationId and more to provide context when generating a content link.


Internal Pitch

Internal pitches are meetings, emails, or links that you don't want synced back to your CRM. ClearSlide then will combine all Internal Pitch analytics together so it doesn't pollute non-internal meetings.


A ClearSlide content link is a link generated from a piece of content. Instead of sending a powerpoint file, you can convert the content to a link and when a viewer clicks on the link, we will tell you what they looked at and for how long they were looking at each slide.


A ClearSlide meeting can be held both on- or offline. You can present content through your viewer's link (eg. and walk your viewers through content on their screen or share your desktop using screen share. At the end of the meeting, we share analytics on how engaged a user was, when they were paying attention, and what content was used in the interaction.


Take and add notes associated with a content link. This editable note will appear in the ClearSlide web application Email & Link details page.


Team ID

View Alert

When a viewer clicks on a content link from Create Link or Compose Email, we send the creator a View Alert that shows what a viewer was looking at and how long they spent on each slide.