Buttons Overview

What is an Embeddable ClearSlide Button?

With embeddable ClearSlide action buttons, you can add ClearSlide functionality into your app/website within minutes. You can embed buttons into your application/website. Currently, we provide buttons, namely, Launch ClearSlide Meeting, Compose ClearSlide Email, and Create ClearSlide Link.

You will need YOUR_CLIENT_ID to start integrating embeddable ClearSlide buttons. Client id allows you to securely integrate with ClearSlide.



Before you start integrating any ClearSlide button, you are required to complete the following setup:

YOUR_CLIENT_ID is an alpha-numeric string that represents a ClearSlide partner.

How it Works

When the end user clicks the Launch ClearSlide Meeting, Create ClearSlide Link, or Compose ClearSlide Email action button, we will launch the ClearSlide web application and take the user directly to the corresponding ClearSlide experience. Furthermore, you can also pass parameters (e.g., presentation id, company name, CRM id, etc.) as part of the request. The ClearSlide action buttons, when submitted, require a normal and valid ClearSlide authentication before landing on the ClearSlide product.

Getting Started with Embeddable Buttons

Get started with Launch ClearSlide Meeting.

Get started with Compose ClearSlide Email.

Get started with Create ClearSlide Link.