Getting your development application & sandbox environment(s)

Welcome to the ClearSlide Developer Documentation!

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What is ClearSlide?

ClearSlide is the system of engagement to make every customer interaction successful. The most intuitive, complete, and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications, and actionable insights.

You've reached our developer documentation - where you can learn how to use the ClearSlide Platform APIs to embed ClearSlide functionality in your own software products or integrate your application or service with ClearSlide.

Why use ClearSlide as a Developer?

ClearSlide Public APIs give customers and partners programmatic access to core ClearSlide features, including uploading content, listing ClearSlide presentations, creating trackable links, getting engagement data, and hosting meetings. The API strives to follow the functionality supported by the ClearSlide web application.

These APIs enable integrating ClearSlide functionality into custom workflows including complimentary Sales/Marketing tools, CRM systems, content management systems, etc.


If you're new to ClearSlide, check out the Glossary for commonly used terms.


Our documentation includes a built-in support system that allows public support queries; you can check it out here. If your support request hasn't been answered by the public responses there, feel free to email us.